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第2&4 金曜日 12:30~14:00  身体(背骨)メンテナンスヨガのエッセンスを盛り込んだ様々不調改善のためのクラス  @BMY野毛山スタジオ

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sebone03BMYでは、背骨メンテナンスヨガのレッスンを三か月続けたところ、70~80歳代の受講者で身長は2mm~15mm戻ってきました。30~40歳代中心のクラスでは更に身長は伸び、何よりも腰痛や睡眠の改善が顕著にみられました。そして背中のラインがシャープに整い、美しい背中で自信が付いた、と言われるようになりました。 非常に繊細な、しかし大胆な発想のこのワークは、多くの指導者も学び、多くの方のお役に立てるセッションを展開しています。

BMYでは「背骨メンテナンスヨガ~仙骨~」のテクニックと理論を学ぶ指導者養成講座も下記日程にて行います。 またメソッドの取材やお問い合わせも申し受けております

Spinal Maintenance Yoga

Now, why f0cus on the spine?
Michiko is focused on shoulder blades, and she has changed many people’s mind, respiration, body shape etc. by operating the shoulder blades. However, she can’t ignore the spine that is the center of human body no longer.
When she was the mid-50 despite a yoga leader, a malfunction of unexplained body and mind had occurred one after another. So she was noticed that she can’t deal with the conventional method. Michiko figured out for the answer from her experience and knowledge. That was an approach to the autonomic nervous system and to the sacrum that is the foundation of the spine.

In Michiko’s method, she has been used her unique technique that is closer to the body work than yoga. She has lead us to loosen muscles around the spine using following way, First of all is to be aware each vertebrae of the spine that leads to the sacrum and coccyx from ring bone.
Second are sacral operation and the manipulation of the sacroiliac joint including the pelvis.
When combined with the adjustment of body fluid circulation and the spinal operating for leading to the adjustment of the autonomic nervous system is seems good effect on the central nervous system. Because there are many facts that are unknown medically in this field, we will need to make carefully operation of the spine and sacrum with extreme caution.
However, everyone who attended the class of “spine maintenance” in the studio of Michiko will feel the immediate effect and effectiveness of this body work.

For example,
1.Improving the unexplained malfunction.
2.For the elimination of tension and anxiety you are feeling on a daily basis.
3.For the elimination of PMS such as gynecological disorders. Improvement of metabolism.

Effect of the “spine maintenance” is unknown, but it will be considered fairly high efficacy.
And it is actually helped to become better for another variety of disorders and worries.